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Aslı Karadeniz

Asli Karadeniz was born in 1964 in Ankara. She completed her high school education at Robert College. After graduating from the Faculty of Business Administration of Bosphorus University with a double major in marketing and finance in 1986; she worked at Arthur Andersen & Co. Istanbul for 4 years and Citibank N.A. Istanbul for 5 years.

Asli joined Boyner Group, one of the largest non-food retailers of Turkey, in 1995 and served as the CFO (1995 – 1999) and as General Manager (1999 – 2002) for Benetton Turkey, a license of Benetton Group SpA, Italy. In December 2002, Asli was appointed as the CEO of Boyner Buyuk Magazacilik A.S. which operates the Boyner Department Stores. During her time as CEO (2002 – 2014) she led “The Change Program” in Boyner starting in 2004, several public offerings and private equity investment into the company in 2007 and the acquisition of the second largest department store chain YKM in 2012. Aslı handed over her CEO role at Boyner in May 2014 and was appointed as a Board Member in the Board of Directors of Boyner Buyuk Magazacilik A.S. where she served until March 2015.

Asli was awarded the most prestigious award in Turkish Retail Sector; the Retail Sun Award “Best Professional Manager” in 2009.